How can I contribute?

This is an Open Source project and it depends on your help to make it better.
There are many ways for you to help:

Share your feedback

Let us know if you like our work. Jump into our Slack community or use the comment form on the blog posts.

Report bugs

We put a lot of effort into building our releases, but we’d always like to be better.

If you are using a officially supported device, please report bugs at the LineageOS GitLab issue tracker for the corresponding device project.

Please report bugs on the GitHub issue page for the corresponding device project if it is a unofficial project, and we can look into it ASAP!

Supplying good bug reports (logs, screenshots, reproduction steps) helps us to track down issues.

Improve the code

Since we’re an Open Source project, you can help out by submitting a patch either as a pull request to our GitHub repo/organization for WiP projects (devices, this website etc.) or a patch to the LineageOS Gerrit instance for officially supported projects.

More information

See for more information on how you can help.

We’re excited for your contribution to make Android even better on bq devices.