Minuscule Update (Device Support Changes, February 2019)

The mini-update to end all mini-updates

Hello, everyone,

Please excuse us for the huge delay and our lack of communication, but the team has been very busy, especially so during the holiday season. While we do have a ton of interesting things to share, especially so for the BQ Aquaris X series of devices, we will put that aside for now. Expect a full blog within the coming weeks, which will feature a more in-depth look into what we have done, what we are planning to do, as well as a surprise or two.

Devices being dropped:

As most of you know, our team consists of a very small team of developers, and with the addition of newer devices and our heavy workload, we will have to begin dropping some of the older devices. The devices that we will no longer support are the BQ Aquaris X5 Plus (gohan), as well as the BQ Aquaris U series (chaozu and tenshi).

We have grown a lot, since we started work on these devices. The gohan was the first msm8976 device to be officially supported by LineageOS (known as CyanogenMod at the time). As always, while we can not give any ETAs or promises, we will try to offer one final release for these devices, with a more recent kernel.

Please keep in mind that all of our work on these devices is voluntary, and due to our lack of time, we are not able to offer the quality of development they deserve, and the lack of code contributions from third parties has only made it harder for us.

If you are a developer that has the knowledge and time to continue development for the chaozu, tenshi and/or gohan, feel free to contact us on taking up the role.


How you can help us?

If you are a developer, then there are multiple ways in which you can help us. For instance:

  • Update existing LineageOS ports of BQ phones.
  • Port LineageOS to new BQ phones.
  • Contribute code or features.
  • Fix bugs in LineageOS.

If you are a user, with no background in Android development, worry not! There are still many ways that you can help us bring you a better LineageOS experience. These include:

  • Reporting bugs to Gitlab.
  • Reporting bugs through our Slack.
  • Creating log files, in order to fix bugs and general problems.
  • Testing bug fixes and/or LineageOS beta versions.
  • Promoting our LineageOS ports in your community.
  • Helping out new users in our Slack.
Written on February 19, 2019 by Arekusu