New Slack community for LineageOS on bq Aquaris

Hello all and welcome to our second June post. We only have a few things for you today.


We’re happy to announce an open Slack community in a attempt to improve communication and transparency between our users and us and encourage development by having a simple way for the community get in touch with each other…

If you don’t know what Slack is, click here.

On our Slack community, we’ve got different channels:

  • #announcements : Read-only channel for important things like upcoming releases, new device support, blog post links, etc.
  • #general : General discussion about bq
  • #random : Random and off-topic discussion
  • Channel per device / platform: We have open channels for each device/platform.
    • #bq_msm8916 : piccolo, vegetalte, piccolometal, paella (Aquaris M5, Aquaris E5 4G / E5S, Aquaris X5)
    • #bq_msm8937 : chaozulite, chaozu, tenshi (Aquaris U (Lite, Normal, Plus))
    • #bq_gohan : gohan (Aquaris X5 Plus)
    • #bq_bardock : bardock, bardockpro (Aquaris X / X Pro)


  • Use English only.


Aquaris X / Aquaris X Pro - Status (bardock/bardockpro)

We’ve made a lot of progress now, the only remaining issues is thermal/performance tuning and bluetooth audio. We have some minor SElinux policy updates to do. As soon as this is resolved, we will enable weekly official LineageOS builds. Join our Slack room for more details!

bq - general

A few new TWRP releases were released, so go grab them from the TWRP website.

Open issues

If there are any issues with any of our supported devices, please report a bug on the LineageOS issue tracker and we’ll look into them ASAP.

Written on June 14, 2018 by eloimuns