Device Status – September 27, 2017

Hi everyone!

Our last blog post is just 4 months old now. Time for some good news…

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LineageOS Status

While the LineageOS team is just slightly better than us with doing status reports, they still published some news which you can find on their website The project is continuously improving not only feature wise but also under the hood (infastructure, team organization, documentation).

Some numbers:

The total number of active LineageOS installations is now 1.6 Million devices (April 2017: 1.4 Mio). The adoption of bq devices has also improved but just in small parts:

  • Piccolo (bq Aquaris M5): 1668 (April 2017: 1544)
  • Paella (bq Aquaris X5): 1162 (April 2017: 1078)
  • Vegetalte (bq Aquaris E5 LTE): 725 (April 2017: 990)
  • Gohan (bq Aquaris X5 Plus): 231 (new)
  • Tenshi (bq Aquaris U Plus): 45 (new)


It is not too surprising that the installation count for devices from 2014/2015 is stagnating or even going down. We still plan to provide regular builds for these devices (cm-14.1) for as long as LineageOS will release these builds.

Weekly Releases

As you can see above, we have added two new devices to the list: The bq Aquaris X5 Plus (gohan) will receive official weekly builds starting this week! Additionally, the bq Aquaris U Plus (tenshi) should follow soon (it boots fine if you like to build it on your own).

That means, new builds are now (soon) released every week for the following devices:

  • paella (bq Aquaris X5)
  • piccolo (bq Aquaris M5)
  • vegetalte (bq Aquaris E5 LTE)
  • gohan (bq Aquaris X5 Plus)
  • tenshi (bq Aquaris U Plus)

Open Issues

We are aware that there is a whole bunch of security fixes missing in our kernels (see LineageOS CVE Tracker). These issues will be fixed within the next days but you should be warned about it.

Besides this, there are no open issues reported in the LineageOS issue tracker.

If there are any issues with any of our supported devices, please report a bug on the LineageOS issue tracker.

Plans for Android Oreo

Currently, a lot of work is happening in the lineage-15.0 branch on We have not started work on the new release yet so we cannot tell if or when these will be ready. What can be said for sure is that bq has announced Android Oreo for gohan and tenshi.

Written on September 27, 2017 by stucki