What is Aquaris-dev?

Aquaris-dev is a group of independent Android developers whose members voluntarily work on bq Aquaris devices as official maintainers of the LineageOS Android custom ROM. We aim to provide the newest version of Android (LineageOS) for as many of the latest bq Aquaris devices. We contribute our work to the LineageOS project (previously, we worked on CyanogenMod).

Which devices are supported?

We only support Qualcomm based bq devices like: Aquaris E5 LTE (vegetalte), Aquaris M5 (piccolo), Aquaris X5 (paella), Aquaris X (bardock), Aquaris X Pro (bardockpro). Check the devices page for more information.

Where can I get your work?

Official weekly releases can be downloaded on the LineageOS download page.

We also have active forum threads incl. installation instructions and download links:

Is the source code available?

Absolutely! Android is an open source project, and so is ours. All code used to build our ROMs is available on GitHub, either directly from us at Aquaris-dev for device specific projects or as part of LineageOS for the officially supported devices.

Who are we?

Aquaris-dev is a collaboration of the following developers (handle first, real name and then country/timezone that they represent):

We’re an international team and we are looking forward to welcome more developers to contribute.